Framed Balustrades

For a clean and contemporary look.

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framed balustrades

Framed Balustrades

The terrific team at Glass Balustrade Tasmania are happy to help you find the perfect solution for your home construction projects. This includes framed balustrades made with powder coated aluminium, which are very popular for both renovations and new home construction.

The clear definition of these balustrades makes for a clean and contemporary look that fits in seamlessly with modern designs. The use of powder coated aluminium protects balustrade barriers and guarantees a beautiful look and continued use for years to come.

The powder coated aluminium finish creates durable and long-lasting materials that will make it through the tough coastal conditions such as the wind and rain that Tasmania is known for.

By choosing powder coated aluminium glass balustrades that are well-made and properly-designed, you can guarantee an amazing end result. Many of our customers from years ago are still enjoying their powder coated aluminium balustrades today, and it’s great to give our clients the type of fencing and barriers they really need.

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